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Gracious Lady (Summary of the book in English)


Gracious Lady
by the author Aline Negosseki Teixeira

Of my 15 books, Gracious Lady (It will soon be translated into English) is the most special of all for me. 

The novel is about Amelia Varsovee Nogueira.
She is an artistic version of me, I must confess.
She is like a lilac rose. Full of beauty and poetry to offer, but with a few painful thorns.
She is a young woman who loves and respects her parents very much and follows the traditions in which she was educated. She was raised in wealth, no major concerns. His father was a doctor of the imperial family. She had these thorns, unaware of the true reality of the world, somewhat spoiled and with selfish longings.

And also she is delicate and unusual as the flower of lilac.

She loves Fabrício Nogueira with all her soul (but before she did not want to believe it or admit). He is the son of Barão de Beira Linda, Emílio Nogueira, best friend of Amelia's father. Fabrício and Amélia have known each other since childhood.

Fabrício became a war hero to deserve to marry her, but one person, the father of Amelia, contradictorily did everything to separate them, because in the war he lost half the beauty of his face in a fire, once so beloved in court Of Rio de Janeiro (19th century), now he is despised by all. Less for Amelia, for his father and his grandmother, for his jewish friend Filipe Monfort, his friend the lawyer Martín, for Amelia's friend Ana, who loves Filipe so much, and so on. A few sincere people.

They marry in secrets on the charming and bucolic Island of Paquetá.
But when Amelia's father learns everything, she takes her to Portugal, Europe.
There is a series of catastrophic events.

She discovers that she is actually the niece of her "parents". She meets her real father, the austrian Franz Varsovee, a sensitive and wise man whe lives in Santa Maria da Serra da Estrela, and after they adopt the relative outbreak of Amelia, Stephen, who is just an orphan baby, she travels with him through Europe, many countries, for ten years. Franz is a traveling preacher.

The once rich young maiden knows the truth of a humble and sincere life, and in the example of the father knows the gospel, with the fruit of the spirit.

So, ten years later, she's back in Brazil, and in a totally unexpected way she finds Fabrício again. Now he is the Count of Graciosa, who lives retired in his colonial mansion in the beautiful Graciosa mountains. He has many slaves and has become richer than ever. This hurt and rancor took hold of his soul. Because of an intrigue of Amelia's father (uncle), he thinks she joined another man, ignoring their love, and have a son with this man.

He would like to forget her, but he is obsessed with passion and wounded with jealousy, so he because of a rose (he would probably do it anyway) taken by her boss and friend Dr. Queiroz, for whom she works as a guardian of the children and housekeeper, Fabrizio takes her as his wife to him, at Marumby Farm.

The original Christian values ​​extolled by Madamme Beaumont (Original Author of Beauty and the Beast) who are now the truth and life in Amelia can save him from himself?

Intrigues and ties of the past will be broken. As soon as the the fall of the monarchy and Contestado War comes, political intrigues, they beloved children, the abolition of slavery and the coexistence with Amelia, the beautiful and loving rose of lilac eyes the reader can notice how it was being modified, to the apex, where inside From a real-life context, historical facts of men who have advocated peace in Curitiba, like de famous historical Barão do Cerro Azul, "fired" of Fabrício. 

Fabrício is almost murdered and because of the politics, they need to get away from the beloved Marumby Farm. What came years to being cultivated finds flow to be consummated. He descends into the waters of repentance of sins by the hands of a missionary.

And from then on they are full of joy and fullness.

By reason Amelia to trust and never give up, despite the astonishment of injustice and evil, they are established and find the truth amid the chaos, and enjoy to the end of their day love and kindness.

All from the biblical concept that a strong and graceful woman (graced with the mercy of God) as the woman of Proverbs 31 and the sheep that follows Galatians 5, builds a man and a family for the happiness of her family and for the glory of God.
Throughout the plot there are flowers of all kinds, lilacs and roses, mainly. Because of the unusual lilacs eyes she has. Which is so to signify how spiritual reality is superimposed upon visible reality.
The eyes are the lamp of the body, the windows of the soul.
Now we're working on a beautiful cover for this novel, which is just part of a saga. I hope "Graciosa" as the title in Portuguese, find sensitive readers who may enjoy this blissful journey.


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